Wasp Removal

If wasps have decided to nest in your vicinity it can be extremely unsettling. Dangerous even. It is essential the situation is resolved by asap by a PRC Field Agent.

If you believe you have wasps nesting in or around your property, DO NOT attempt to “Shoo” them.  Unlike bees, wasps do not swarm naturally. The only time they swarm is when they feel the nest is under attack. If you need wasps removing, it should be completed by wasp removal specialists.

The timing of treatment is crucial. Wasps find new nests in spring and early summer. This is the best time to eradicate them. An established nest in late summer can be far more dangerous.

If you believe you have a wasp nest in or near your property, please follow the following procedure

Contact PRC

At this point, you are potentially just an hour from complete eradication of the problem.

We are your local wasp removal experts. We will guide you all the way through to eradication of the wasps.


Unlike many of our other pest situations, the arrival of wasps does not require a full consultation. Professional eradication needs to take place ASAP.

A PRC Agent will always resolve a wasp situation in one visit. Occasionally wasp nests are mistaken for a bees nest. These are treated in a wholly different manner. Our FIELD Agent will ascertain the age cycle of the nest and the subsequent treatment required


Our agents will not remove the nest. They will treat the nest. This is usually done with a solution that the wasps find very seductive and they quickly spread through the nest and to the queen.

We have the latest equipment and full protective clothing clothing. We will ensure that treatment is localised and there will be no impact on the surrounding area.

Although an old nest is completely safe and does not attract other wasps, Some of our clients like us to return a few days later and remove the nest. We do this for a further fixed fee.


All wasps nests are different.

Our pledge is that where possible we stick to our Fixed Cost of £100 for Wasp Control.

We will always quote before we start and will never add costs after completing the job

WASP Response Form - We will respond within 30 mins