Vermin Removal

It’s fair to say that our vermin control service is certainly geared towards our commercial clients.The definition of vermin is “wild animals which are believed to be harmful to crops, farm animals, or game, or which carry disease, e.g. rodents”.

In practise, vermin will include anything from rats through to moles. In many cases, the owners of the property are not sure what the pest is. But they are linked by one thing. The desire to rid themselves of the problem.

The potential problems with vermin are far too many to list here.Our skills in this field ensure we are experts in vermin removal from a domestic dwelling through to large commercial units on a vast site.

To combat the problem, firstly, we need to find the source. This is why we would always recommend professional assistance.The good news is that complete eradication is usually fairly quick.

If you believe you have vermin in or near your property, please follow the following procedure

Contact PRC

At this point, you are potentially just an hour from complete eradication of the problem.

We are your local Vermin removal experts. We will guide you all the way through to eradication of the Vermin.


This is one of our pest issues that needs a site survey by one of our Field Agents.

Professional eradication needs to take place ASAP. A PRC Agent will always attempt to resolve a vermin situation in one visit.

If you believe vermin are in your property, one of our Field Experts will need to visit. Vermin in the vicinity but not in the premises can possibly be resolved by our advice line and incurs no cost at all.

Our FIELD Agent will undertake a full site survey (no obligation and no cost). The survey will confirm the presence and type of vermin and the subsequent treatment required


This will normally include, sourcing entry and advising on blocking.

Our Agents will have full protective clothing.

Once the status is ascertained, we will usually use our humane tried and tested method of removing the vermin. We will also usually leave traps and poison to fully eradicate the threat.

We are your true local experts. We have over twenty years of experience.


Our pledge is that where possible we stick to our Fixed Cost of £95 + Vat for vermin eradication.

The only variation to this will be if accessibility is difficult and we need to return with equipment to reach the nest.

We also charge a fixed £55 to return and empty traps.

Commercial situations will be priced differently and can be discussed on-site

Request a Callback (We pledge to callback within 30 minutes)