Spider Removal

As a rule, spiders are our friends. They perform a role in our ecosystem.

With some of you, this is of little consolation. We are all too aware of how some pope are absolutely petrified of spiders.

In Bedfordshire, we have many species of spiders. Nearly all are safe but we are beginning to see a rise in more sinister arachnids.

The false widow and yellow sac are becoming more prevalent in Beds. As in Bedfordshire. Not our beds, thankfully.

Clearly, if you believe you have a biting spider lurking in the premises, we will always assist.

The other issue is an infestation. Clearly any home or business that has a problem of many spiders, you need professional assistance in removing them.

Our role is removal and deterrence.

Eradication of the problem is the main issue. To combat the problem, firstly, we need to confirm the exact issue. This is why we would always recommend professional assistance.

The good news is that complete eradication is often very quick.

If you have spiders in your property that are causing you unnecessary stress, please follow the following procedure

Contact PRC

At this point, you are potentially just an hour from complete eradication of the problem.

We are your local Spider removal experts. We will guide you all the way through to eradication of the Spiders.


As explained, spiders do require a full consultation. We offer an off-site specialist consultation to ascertain if these species you have in your property are dangerous. If you are able to take a photo and send to us, we will be able to advise.

If it is dangerous, you have an infestation or you simply want the 8 legged friends removed, professional help is at hand. A PRC Agent will always attempt to resolve a spider situation in one visit.

One of our Field Experts will need to visit.

Our FIELD Agent will initially ascertain the species and extent of the infestation. Once this is complete, the subsequent treatment required is determined.


With over twenty years of experience, our techniques for eradication are varied. Our Agents will be able to provide quick, safe and targeted treatment to give you peace of mind.

We have the latest equipment and full protective clothing clothing. We will ensure that treatment is localised and there will be no impact on the surrounding area.

We are your true local experts.


Our pledge is that where possible we stick to our Fixed Cost of £110 + Vat for spider eradication.

The only variation to this will be if accessibility is difficult and we need to return with equipment for difficult to reach areas.

Commercial situations will be priced differently and can be discussed on-site

Request a Callback (We pledge to callback within 30 minutes)