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Commercial Pest & Rodent Control Professionals

Whatever pest issue you have, we understand that you want it resolved quickly and discreetly.

We provide immediate and long term protection. Our technicians will only sign off when your business is 100% pest-free. Our role is to provide you with complete peace of mind.

Mice, Rats, Bedbugs, Fleas, Wasps, Hornets. We eradicate everything!

Our technicians are experienced with all commercial pest situations. They will deal with your problem quickly and efficiently. Call our team and we will provide advice on the best solution.

Pests in a place of business are far more than just a nuisance. They are not only are a threat to the building and health, they can impact on the reputation and profitability. Experts agree that Pest and Rodent problems should only ever be tackled by experienced professionals.

We have never failed to resolve a problem with over twenty years of experience.

PRC are your local experts. Call us now and be PEST-FREE

Very Discreet

Over 20 Years Experience

100% Guaranteed Results

Don’t let pests impact on your business.

Call our Team and we will resolve the situation quickly, discreetly and at the fairest prices locally. Our technicians will strive for a pest-free area as quickly as possible. In many cases, if there is still activity, we will return and treat again at no further cost.


Contact PRC

At this point, you are on the road to complete eradication of the problem.

We are your local Pest & Rodent removal experts. We will guide you all the way through to eradication of your problem.


A PRC technician will always aim to resolve in the shortest time.

Our Technician will ascertain the situation and the subsequent treatment required. This will usually be done via phone and on-site. We do NOT charge a fee for this



We will ensure that treatment is localised and there will be no impact on the surrounding area.

We only sign off any task when the client is totally convinced the situation is resolved.

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