Ant control & ant removal

PRC are your specialist ant control company for Bedfordshire.

As pests go, ants are not the worse ones to have in your premises. But if you have them and struggle to rid yourselves of them, they are a real nuisance. If you are in a commercial situation, ants mean “bad reviews”.

Ants do not carry diseases but they do spread infection.

Remember, ants move en-masse looking for food. They are not fussy. They eat what we eat.

The UK is getting warmer and we are attracting species from warmer climes. Bedfordshire is a definite hot spot for new species.

If you you have ants in your property it can be extremely unsettling.

Eradication of the problem is the main issue. To combat the problem, our Agent will need to visit to ascertain the type of ant infestation before we consider our ant removal strategy.

The good news is that complete eradication is often very quick.

If you have ants in your property, please follow the following procedure

Contact PRC

At this point, you are potentially just an hour from complete eradication of the problem.

We are your local Ant removal experts. We will guide you all the way through to eradication of the Ants.


As explained, ant control does require a full consultation.

Professional eradication needs to take place ASAP. A PRC Agent will always attempt to resolve an ant control situation in one visit.

One of our Field Experts will need to visit.

Our FIELD Agent will initially ascertain the presence of ants. Once this is confirmed, the type and extent of the infestation is ascertained. Once this is complete, the subsequent treatment required is calculated.


With over twenty years of experience, our techniques for ant removal are varied. Rest assured our ant removal treatment is wholly non-invasive and is completely safe for you. We ensure all cracks and crevices are treated and we lay bait to ensure long term protection.

We are your true local experts.

We have the latest equipment and full protective clothing clothing. We will ensure that treatment is localised and there will be no impact on the surrounding area.


Our pledge is that where possible we stick to our Fixed Cost of £55 + Vat for ant treatment.

The only variation to this will be if accessibility is difficult and we need to return with equipment to reach  difficult to reach areas.

Request a Callback (We pledge to callback within 30 minutes)