Cutting down pampas grass to reach a very angry wasp nest in Bedford - #pestcontrolprc

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About PRC

We are Bedfordshire and the surrounding area’s elite team of Pest Controllers.

Our technicians have all been trained by the country’s leading Royal Standard Pest Control Training Programme.

At PRC, our whole ethos is putting ourselves in our customer’s shoes.

We know that when a customer contacts us, they have a problem that is serious for them. Right now.



Rapid Action

We have a policy of dealing with enquiries within a 30 minute window. This means, within 30 minutes of contacting us, we will have planned for your solution.

That might mean some totally free advice on the phone to put your mind at ease or it could be we have arranged to a have a specialist team visit your premises the same day to provide on-site consultancy.

We also stand by our policy of being a results driven company. We are Pest Controllers. That’s what we do. If we haven’t completely controlled your pest problem, we don’t invoice you.

We get paid when you’re satisfied.

"Fast and professional"

Darren Pilling - Putnoe

"My son saw the wasps nest in the front garden first. We live in a residential street and they were everywhere. It sounds mad but I honestly didn't want family walking out front door. We spoke to Hamilton. What a great chap. Literally, 90 mins later he was here and nest removed. Very friendly and professional"

"Great Service"

Sister Dora - Bedford

"Sadly, the nursing home has constantly struggled with bed bugs. we have had lots of companies and people look at it. nothing has really worked.Tony from PRC came in and really explored what we had done and our various other processes. Nobody had spent this time.His treatment was two months ago. Fingers crossed. Nothing since."

"I would 100% use this service again"

Alessandro - Bromham

"I’d never seen anything like it. Wasps everywhere. Massive nest in one of the trees in garden. I found PRC on internet. I had no idea what to expect but the whole experience was very impressive. Sounds corny but it felt like an emergency type service. Really relaxed. I called them at 3.30 on Wednesday. By 12pm Thursday everything sorted. Highly recommended"


Tom Dacre - Dacre Refrigeration

"We run refrigeration units on edge of town. We had suspected a problem. PRC were recommended. We called them in for a check-up. They found that mice were behind the insulated walls. There’s no way we would have known.They were brilliant.  They found the points of entry. Laid traps. Turns out the mice were nesting there! They came back twice and managed the whole situation. Rodent free now. Ham comes in once every 3 months now for an inspection.Honestly, without wanting to blow smoke…these chaps are the best in the area."


Domestic & Commercial Pest Control

Our experience means we believe we are the Bedford’s go-to people for every pest issue. Commercial and Domestic.

We don’t do the usual website trick of alluding to the fact that we are local, when in reality we are based 100’s of miles away.

We are the experts for Bedford and the surrounding areas. We go as far as Milton Keynes to the West and Biggleswade to the East.

90% of our jobs are resolved in one visit.

In commercial situations, we provide a fix and deter solution. This means that our ongoing service prevents future problems. We know very well that pests in a business scenario is an absolute NO NO.


Our techniques use the latest technologies. Dangerous chemicals are a thing of the past. Every job we complete will be entirely safe to both the people, animals and environment in the vicinity.

Some competitors take advantage of the predicament of the customer. Our prices are fair. Remember, people know us in the area. You will know people that know our team. Our reputation for a quality, competitive and friendly service is absolutely key for us.